You need to take great care not importing customer data into RunMags that may cause you to violate privacy law where you operate your business.

When you use RunMags you operate under our terms of use and privacy policy. If you read them carefully, you can see that we prohibit any use of RunMags to send unsolicited commercial email in violation of applicable laws. Any violations made by you can result in immediate suspension or termination of your RunMags instance.

In practise, this means that if you buy a list containing names and email addresses and import that into RunMags, then send email to those people, you're probably violating our terms of use and privacy policy.

If you gather up a bunch of old lists that you've put together over the years, as opposed to buying lists, you should still be careful. Importing ANY lists poses you to business risk that you have to manage.

The complaints process

So what happens when somebody report you?

You may have heard of email bouncing? In simplistic terms, an email will bounce if the email address you sent to is no longer in use. If you consistently send email to addresses that bounce, your deliverability is going to go down because Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. is consistently tracking the reputation of the domain you're using to send email.

Now while bounces "only" affects your ability to reach your readers, getting reported for violating spam laws poses a much greater threat.

If your subscribers raise complaints they will likely do so to using various anti-spam and abuse report services and there's no way for our platform to be aware of that. Our platform can only become aware if an email recipient uses the personal portal to unsubscribe from the emails.

Since your email sender domain is registered on you, you will likely get a notification from the abuse report service saying that you've been reported. If that happens (and it's likely to happen at some point), we advise that you find the recipient's account in RunMags and opt them out from any future email sends. Sending one email to someone that believe they haven't signed up for it is bad enough. Sending several email to them is plain stupid because of the risk you're taking.

Monitoring the complaint rate

We strive to maintain our overall complaint rate below 0.1%. We're constantly monitoring the complaint rate to ensure we're not going over 0.1%. That means all customers combined so in practise some of our customers can be better and some worse, but combined they should be below 0.1% in order for us to guarantee our stellar email delivery rates.

In other words you should also strive to maintain a complaint rate below 0.1%, i.e. if you have 100,000 subscribers in your database and email them all, you should not get reported more than 100 times for that specific email.

High complaint rates will impact the delivery of your emails. If your complaint rate is 0.1% or greater, we will automatically place your account under review. If your complaint rate is 0.5% or greater, we might pause your account's ability to send additional email until you resolve the issue that caused the high complaint rate.

Cleaning legacy data files before importing them

Importing legacy data files usually renders a few complaints so you should just be quick to clean them out. After GDPR went live there are some individuals that will go to great lengths to report spammers so you really have to be careful when using old lists that you may have used in the past in some other system or whatever. You should understand that it's your business that is on the line for any potential privacy related damages, not RunMags.

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