Onboarding process

Enter your credit card to commence your onboarding process. We'll move your instance to our production environment and remove the demo data.

The steps to get started with RunMags for your company are simple:

  1. In Account settings, enter your credit card to activate your instance and add the modules you need.

  2. If you are not already in contact with someone form RunMags, please initiate a support case by emailing support@runmags.com so we can get together to plan how we set your company up and train everybody.

  3. As part of the onboarding process, we import your advertiser and subscriber data free of charge as long as you provide the data structured according to the templates we provide. Check out this article on importing data.

  4. Depending on the complexity of your onboarding, we'll schedule a shorter or longer series of online conferences to plan for success. Our typical onboarding process is completed free of charge, including the user training during the roll-out.

  5. Finally, before you start using RunMags live, we'll delete all the demo data and whatever test data you have entered while trying out RunMags so you get a fresh start.

Enterprise customers

RunMags is a full-blown CRM, fulfillment, and financial platform for you to manage your Magazine Publishing business with. Anyone who has been part of rolling out a new CRM system alone know that it can be a daunting task technically as well as from a change management perspective. The software service comes with unlimited online support from an experienced team. For publishers who can benefit from taking a hard look at how things have been done in the past and how software can help streamline the business, we offer management consulting services and as well as user education. We have years of experience implementing ERP and CRM software in large and small organizations and we can also help extract data from legacy systems, clean it, and import into RunMags before the team start using the tools. At RunMags, we have resources who can assist you in these efforts. We have team members with management consulting backgrounds and we have preset models and methods for helping you ensure success. If you are interested in these services, please contact sales@runmags.com in order to discuss how we can help you.

Additional resources

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